Call for Papers

Scribes as Agents of Language Change
4-6 April, 2011
St John’s College, Cambridge


Aims and objectives

This interdisciplinary conference aims to highlight the importance of written texts as a rich and promising source of data for the examination of language change using the techniques of sociolinguistics, and to investigate the emergence of language registers and the spread of innovation within scribal networks.

The proposed conference will bring together scholars working on the scribal cultures of various languages, from the earliest written to medieval languages, to investigate how standard and substandard registers of languages emerge out of the scribal communities, and to apply sociolinguistic methods to determine how innovations spread within scribal networks and how language change occurs within written registers of languages.

Please see the abstract for further information. Could anyone interested in attending and presenting a paper please send an abstract to Esther-Miriam Wagner ( until 30th June.


Organizing committee:
Esther-Miriam Wagner (T-S Genizah Research Unit, University of Cambridge)
Eitan Grossman (Hebrew University of Jerusalem & Université de Liège)