Call for Papers:
Double Standards. Codified norms and norms of usage in European languages (1600–2020)
16–17 April 2020, Salzburg, Austria

AMRUM 2020
14th HiSoN Summer School
12-19 July 2020, Ban Horn, Amrum, Germany

Call for Papers:
HiSoN Conference
Intra-Writer Variation in Historical Sociolinguistics
1–3 April 2020, Erlangen, Germany

Call for Papers:
Novel Perspectives on Communication Practices in Antiquity. Towards a Historical Social-Semiotic Approach
3–5 October 2019, Ghent, Belgium

13th HiSoN Summer School
14-21 July 2019, Metochi, Lesbos, Greece

Call for Papers:
A host of tongues…: Multilingualism, lingua franca and translation in the Early Modern period
13–15 December 2018, Lisbon, Portugal

12th HiSoN Summer School
22-29 July 2018, Lausanne, Switzerland

Registration Open:
Global Approaches to Multilingualism and Standardisation
18–19 April 2018, Cambridge, UK

Registration Open:
Historical Sociolinguistics Young Researchers Forum
2–3 March 2018, Brussels, Belgium

Out now:
Special Issue Constructing the social margins in Early and Late Modern English. Edited by Minna Nevala, Marianna Hintikka and Turo Vartiainen. Journal of Historical Sociolinguistics 2017 3(2).

Call for Papers:
HiSoN Conference
Making Waves in Historical Sociolinguistics
30 May – 1 June 2018, Leiden, The Netherlands

Call for Papers:
Variation and Contact in the Ancient Indo-European languages: between Linguistics and Philology
19–20 April 2018, Pisa, Italy
17–18 May 2018, Oxford, UK

Taal en Tongval Colloquium 2017:
Monolingual Histories – Multilingual Practices. Issues in Historical Language Contact
1 December 2017, Ghent, Belgium

Call for Papers (Early Career Researchers):
Global Approaches to Multilingualism and Standardisation
18–19 April 2018, Cambridge, UK

Call for Papers:
Nineteenth Century Studies and Visions of the Future
25–27 January 2018, Helsinki, Finland

11th HiSoN Summer School
16-23 July 2017, Metochi, Lesbos, Greece

HiSoN Conference
Examining the Social in Historical Sociolinguistics
6–7 April 2017, New York University/CUNY Graduate Center, USA

Out now:
Norsk språkhistorie. I: Mønster. Edited by Helge Sandøy.

10th HiSoN Summer School
31 July - 7 August 2016, Leiden University Centre for Linguistics, The Netherlands

International Symposium
Urbanisation in the British Isles: a historical and interdisciplinary perspective
22–23 April 2016, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Call for Papers:
Panel on Mobility, multilingualism and intercultural dialogue: past lessons and current challenges
4–9 May 2016, IUAES, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Effects of Prescriptivism in Language History
21–22 January 2016, Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands

Call for Papers:
HiSoN Conference Historical Sociolinguistics and Socio-Cultural Change
10–12 March 2016, University of Helsinki, Finland

Out now:
The 1st issue of the
Journal of Historical Sociolinguistics
(Open Access)

Out now:
Diálogo de la lengua, by Juan de Valdés. A Diplomatic Edition. Edited by K. Anipa.

Out now:
Letters as Loot. By G. Rutten & M. J. van der Wal.

9th HiSoN Summer School
1-8 August 2015, Metochi, Lesbos, Greece

New in 2015:
Journal of Historical Sociolinguistics

Workshop "Language and Ideology in Late Modern Times", organized by the NWO VIDI project Going Dutch. 19 September 2014,
Leiden, The Netherlands

Transcription workshop
7–8 November 2014,
Bristol, UK
Register here

HisTEI, a tool for transcribing historical documents in TEI

Article about this year's summer school in Kristiansand

Out now:
European Francophonie. Ed. by V. Rjéoutski, G. Argent & D. Offord

Registration open:
8th HiSoN Summer School
27 July-3 August 2014, Kristiansand, Norway

Mobility, variability and changing literacies in Modern Times.
11-13 June 2014, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Merchants of Innovation. The languages of traders.
7-8 April 2014, Cambridge, UK

HiSoN 2014: Historical Discourses on Language
and Power.

6-8 February 2014,
Sheffield, UK

Language Endangerment: Language Policy and Planning.
26 July 2013, Cambridge, UK

Registration open:
7th HiSoN Summer School
3-10 August 2013, Metochi, Lesbos, Greece

Call for Papers:
L'Histoire du français : nouvelles approches, nouveaux terrains, nouveaux traitements
6–8 January 2014, Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, UK

Call for Papers:
The description of "exotic" languages before and after Humboldt. Annual Colloquium of the Henry Sweet Society
29–31 August 2013, Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin

Language Endangerment: Methodologies and New Challenges.
6 July 2012, Cambridge, UK

Out now:
The Handbook of Historical Sociolinguistics. Ed. by J.M. Hernández-Campoy & J.C. Conde-Silvestre

Out now:
Letter Writing in Late Modern Europe. Ed. by M. Dossena & G. Del Lungo Camiciotti

6th HiSoN Summer School
9-16 August 2012, Bavaria, Germany

Call for Papers:
Forum for Research on the Languages of Scotland and Ulster Conference
18–20 July 2012, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Call for Papers:
Conflicts in the city, cities in conflict? Thematic session SS19, Berlin

Call for Papers:
Vernacular Literacies – Past, Present and Future
13–15 June 2012, Umeå University, Sweden

Call for Papers:
Seminar on Prestige in Language and History: Explorations in 18th- and 19th-century Europe
28-29 April 2011, Tieteiden talo, Helsinki, Finland

LESBOS 2011:
5th Summer School in Historical Sociolinguistics

Article on Summer School in archiefleven

2nd Call for Papers:
Touching the Past. (Ego) Documents in a Linguistic and Historical Perspective.
22-24 June 2011, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Call for Papers:
New Methods in Historical Corpora.
29-30 April 2011, University of Manchester, UK

Article on Summer School in KVWV

Scribes as agents of language change.
4-6 April 2011, St John's College, Cambridge, UK