1st Summer School in Historical Sociolinguistics
16. August – 23. August 2007
Metochi, Lesbos, Greece

Peter Trudgill (Fribourg, Switzerland):
Sociolinguistic dialect typology

Dennis Preston (Michigan, USA):
The study of language attitudes, ideologies and folk linguistics: Cognitive, synchronic, and diachronic approaches

Ernst Håkon Jahr (Agder, Norway):
Language planning in a historical sociolinguistic perspective: the case of Modern Norwegian

Kristine Horner (Leeds, UK):
Language policy across time and space: the legitimation and promotion of Luxembourgish from the modern to late-modern period

Stephan Elspaß (Augsburg, Germany):
Methods of Historical Sociolinguistics: texts, transcriptions, corpora and analysis (with examples from 19th century German)

Kristin Killie (Tromsø, Norway) & Agnete Nesse (Bodø / Bergen, Norway):
Language contact in a historical perspective

Eleni Karantzola (Rhodes, Greece):
Cappadocian as a Case of Contact-Induced Language Change: Sociolinguistics Considerations

This is the first summer school organised by the Historical Sociolinguistics Network (HISON) and it will offer classes by leading experts on modern and historical sociolinguists. There will only be space for 40 postgraduate students and young researchers, so you are advised to book early. The venue is the Metochi study centre, a monastery on the Greek island of Lesbos. Classes will take place in the morning and early evening and you will have the opportunity to present your own research at a special session.

Nils Langer, School of Modern Languages, University of Bristol, BS8 1TE, UK,


Pictures from Summer School (Lesbos 2007)


HiSoN: http://www.philhist.uni-augsburg.de/hison/

Venue: http://www.hia.no/info/metochi/

Summer School: http://www.bris.ac.uk/german/hison/summerschool