3rd Summer School in Historical Sociolinguistics
20 – 27 August, 2009
Metochi, Lesbos, Greece

Peter Trudgill (Agder, Norway):
Language contact and linguistic change in early post-Roman Britain: sociolinguistic insights

Ernst Håkon Jahr (Agder, Norway):
The Arctic Pidgin Russenorsk

Jeroen Darquennes (Namur, Belgium):
Contact and Conflict along the Germanic-Romance language border

Laura Wright (Cambridge, UK):
Historical sociolinguistics and historical pragmatics: 18th c. printed ephemera and the London upper working-class sociolect

Nils Langer (Bristol, UK):
Prescriptive Grammars and Linguistic Purism

Mark Janse (Gent, Belgium):
Asia Minor Greek: borrowing, interference, and the mixed language debate

Gro-Renee Rambø (Agder, Norway):
Scandinavian – Low German contact in the late Middle Ages

This was the third summer school organised by the Historical Sociolinguistics Network (HiSoN) and it offered classes by leading experts on modern and historical sociolinguists. The venue was the University of Agder's Metochi study centre, a former monastery on the Greek island of Lesbos. Classes took place in the morning and early evening and participants had the opportunity to present their own research at a special session.

Nils Langer, School of Modern Languages, University of Bristol, BS8 1TE, UK,


HiSoN: http://www.philhist.uni-augsburg.de/hison/

Summer School: http://www.bris.ac.uk/german/hison/summerschool2009