Historical Sociolinguistics Network

The Historical Sociolinguistics Network (HiSoN) was founded at the University of Bristol in 2005 and is open to anyone with an interest in the field. We are a loose organisation without a formal membership structure but we meet regularly at dedicated conferences, workshops, and summer schools (see below). This webpage, hosted at the University of Salzburg, is our electronic home and serves as a platform to make announcements, document past and future activities, and present profiles of some of our members (contact Julian Mader: julian.mader@fau.de). For further information on the HiSoN network, contact Nils Langer (Nils.Langer@uni-flensburg.de).


What are historical sociolinguistics?

Source: Tanja Säily, Introduction to Digital Humanities, University of Helsinki: https://www.helsinki.fi/en/unitube/video/d7faea73-044a-47af-91d4-e11909a8c9c8 »

Also have a look at Terttu Nevalainen's contribution » to the Journal of Historical Sociolinguistics, Volume 1 Issue 2 (2015) ».


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